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Lovely classes - feeling good afterwards. Very helpful, feeling of care and concern for our welfare. Always happy to learn more about breathing and relaxation techniques.  A. Palazak

The class is relaxed and welcoming and I have found nothing unhelpful.   J. Jeremy Henley - on- Thames

Very enjoyable.  Informative - thanks! A.  Toland, Henley - on -Thames

Very helpful explanations of which muscles we are targeting by name, and the different levels for various postures. Julie's manner and teaching abilities are wonderful. Thank you. I cherish your classes.  C Moore Henley - on -Thames

Enjoy the increased flexibility it gives me and feel it helps my balance and relaxation. Enjoy the balance of mind, body and spirit. P. Kermode, Henley - on -Thames.

Yoga has improved my flexibility and improves my mood. I feel much better afterwards. J. Leach Berkshire.

Helpful as a beginner is the careful build up and extra time you are giving us. G. Crane Berkshire

It is fun to have a variety of warm up routines.  E. Manning,  Berkshire

I find it all helpful.  It seems just right - knowing that I can slow down, if necessary. I think you are an excellent teacher Julie. The Yoga class has helped me in so many ways. G. Hey, Henley - on -Thames.